What Is Gelato Ice Cream?

As their popularity increased, ice cream parlors sprung up all over the place. Originating in Italy, this mixture is available in a variety of flavors, including some with fruit puree. In the United States, this name is often synonymous with other traditional cold and sweet treats, but there are some real differences between the two. You can consider commercial gelato ice cream machines for making gelato ice cream.

  • History

It's hard to believe that the ancient Romans and Egyptians were among the first to enjoy ice cream made from ice. It started as it is now and was stored underground. From there, a Florentine architect received official recognition of the discovery with Catherine de 'Medici bringing the delicacy to France. At that time, keeping desserts cold was considered a real innovation. 

  • Ingredient

Basically, ice cream consists of milk, cream, various sugars, and a little taste. Peanut or fruit puree is used with a cream-based version using egg yolk and skim milk. Although egg yolk is rarely used today, it is still an important ingredient for those using more traditional methods. Compared to some other similar products in the US, this particular blend contains more sugar and less air. Most would agree that the texture is much softer. If milk or soy milk is not used, the treatment is called sorbet.

  • How to do it

Like traditional frozen foods, ice cream begins with a hot process. Sugar needs to be dissolved for the right texture. From there, the pasteurization process begins, and then different recipes and different flavors are formed. Different techniques are used to create different flavors. It's only half frozen, so it tends to melt faster than such desserts.