What Is A Family Office Advisor?

What is a family office advisor or family office counselor? Many family offices have been established around the world in the last twenty years.  You can also visit this site to know more about the family office advisors in the US.

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A common trigger for establishing a family office is the resolution of family conflicts; unfavorable separation; Conformity of family interests; Sharing of business and personal assets; Preservation of family wealth; Ensuring that wealth is passed on to future generations; Ensuring effective asset consolidation; to meet bigger goals such as philanthropy and enhancing the efficiency of wealth management. So who did that? Well, that's the role of an advisor in a family office who offers advisory services in a family office.

With wealth growing, especially in emerging markets, there is no doubt that a family office or family office advisor will play a much larger role in managing significant wealth in the years to come. The family office structure is also recognized through the desire of entrepreneurial families to have more control over their investments. 

This desire for full control became even more important as a result of the financial disaster. More and more families are taking over their financial affairs to raise concerns with outside providers of financial products and services.

Family office Advisory can be an effective bridge between families, family businesses, management in different geographic areas, accountants, lawyers, tax advisors, doctors, business partners, etc.