Types of Mobile Phone Batteries

Your mobile phone's battery is its internal powerhouse. There are many types of batteries available to suit different capabilities. This is an essential component of your phone as it provides low power to allow your equipment's proper functioning. 

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Is the lithium-ion battery having a positive impact on the environment?

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This technology is constantly being improved, making it possible to produce sophisticated mobile phones. In order to recharge a battery, it was necessary to discharge the batteries at least once a day. 

Modern technology has made it possible to produce newer versions of these batteries without such restrictions. Below are details about the various types of phone batteries that are available on the market.

Li-Ion batteries: Lithium Ion and Lithium Ion versions are relatively new. This type of battery avoids the issue of automatic discharge. They don't require full discharge even after recharging. This variety is lighter so it will be easier to carry around.

Li-Polymer batteries are relatively new and the most popular variant. It is becoming more popular among mobile phone users because of its ability to store more power and its lightweight.

NiMH Batteries: Nickel Metal Hydride is a popular choice. These batteries gained popularity because they don't require a full discharge before being recharged. These types are widely used today in mobile phones and laptops. 

It can store more power than the Ni-Cad and alkaline variants. However, some users point out that the variant discharges at a faster rate even when it is not being used.