Tips to Pass the Test of an Ideal Password

Passwords are the first step in protecting your identity everywhere. A strong password alone will not protect you against identity thieves but will definitely protect you from thief’s amateur.

Keep aside the habit of following 'normal' when creating a password

1. Many sites offer automatic password when you fill in their forms. Never accept passwords. Generally, a password set will be offered to all those who register with the site. It is very easy for a thief to guess the password is now attacking your details. You can test the strength of your password from LogMe Once.

2. You do not have to use the date of birth, names of family members, or similar information when setting a password. Some people feel that the date of birth of family members can create a secure password. But the thief may already know details like this about you. Identity theft can strike you from the people around you.

3. Do not use consecutive letters or numbers as your password. You should always avoid passwords like 12345. They are very easy to guess.

4. Avoid using your ATM code as the password for any other purpose. If someone hacks your computer at work, he can find easy access to your bank account.

How to create a password that is ideal?

1. Instead of using names or dates, try using a memorable phrase sequence. So, you can create a password that is unique in the sentence – my mother turns 60 this year.

2. You can use the symbols in the letters to create a stronger password.

3. Sometimes you can use symbols such as _ in the middle of your password to make it stronger.

Some websites tell you immediately what the strength of your password. This is done by many banks and financial institutions. These instructions will be given when you register with the site for the first time. If you receive this indication, revise your password to make it stronger.