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zantac stomach cancer lawsuit

Treatment for Stomach Cancer

The goal of screening is to discover early cancers that have a greater than 90 percent chance of cure. Most often, the first thing physicians do when a person comes to their office is to take a history. They ask about symptoms that could be related to stomach cancer. 

A comprehensive family history is also taken asking the patient if anyone in their family has ever had stomach cancer. Ultimately, a complete physical examination is performed. If you or a loved one suffered from cancer after taking medication for acid reflux or heartburn, you can file Generic Zantac Lawsuits against medical staff.

Proper diet and vitamin supplementation may be able to prevent stomach cancer. Pickled foods, smoked foods, salty foods, salted fish and excessive dietary sodium can all cause cancer. Vitamin C can stop nitrosamine production so fresh fruits should be replaced with foods that contain nitrosamine. 

Studies in animals have shown that high levels of folic acid could play an important role in the prevention of stomach cancer. Helicobacter Pylori can increase the production of nitrosamine by inhibiting the secretion vitamin C in the stomach. Supplemental vitamin C (250-500 mg daily) is recommended for people with a history of stomach cancer or those infected with Helicobacter Pylori.

Surgery is the best treatment for stomach cancer once it has been diagnosed. You may need chemotherapy if the cancer has spread to your liver or lymph nodes. If stomach cancer is detected early enough to be treated by surgery, it should be checked for Helicobacter Pylori. 

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