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what causes bed bugs

How To Control Bed Bugs

Bed bugs hide in various places in and around your home. They can be found near the bed, adjacent to the piping, stitching and tag on the mattress and box spring as well as in the cracks / fissures in a bed frame and head. If your home is full of little pest, then you might find them in a drawer near the joints, in electrical appliances, at the junction of wall and ceiling and even on the screw head.

Managing the problem: how to control bed bugs

The first thing to prevent bedbug infestation is to maintain a high standard of cleanliness. All the furniture and belongings should be thoroughly checked for the presence of bed bugs and immediate action must be taken to prevent their multiplication by using insecticides. You can find DIY bed bug solution via various online resources.

Adult bed bugs with nymph stages and eggs

Residual insecticide can be applied directly to the hiding places for bed buds ensure efficient control regime. You can connect with a service provider that offers support for the bed bug and pest control services to reduce the threat.

Dry heat treatment is an effective method for controlling bed bugs. Disinfestations blankets, beddings, mattresses and mosquito nets may be done by subjecting them to heat at or above 70 ° C. Dust and around the furniture, carpets, curtains etc could also turn out to be helpful in reducing blood sucker population.


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