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Visa for Saudi Arabia

Working and Travelling in Saudi Arabia

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is located in the Middle East where it measures 2.14969 million square kilometres (830,000 sq mi). Saudi Arabia has an estimated population of 25.7 million of the 5.5 million non-citizens. Known for having the largest oil reserves in the world, the country is also known as one of the largest Muslim countries in the world. 

When travelling to Saudi Arabia, you will need a visa, which is only given to those who have been sponsored to work there. However, you can also obtain a Saudi Arabia tourist visa from e visa portal services. Anyone entering the country must have a valid passport that is valid for six months, a valid visa and a return ticket. Women can not enter the country themselves unless they are being met by the sponsor or male relatives.

For those coming from the Western world, travelling to Saudi Arabia will be a challenge. Many have moved there, however, for their work and have found the country to be unique and full of fascinating culture and patriotism. Having an open mind about what to expect and know that it may take some time to get used to living there is the best attitude to adopt when moving to Saudi Arabia.

When you consider your steps to this wonderful country, it is good to remember that there will be both positive and negative factors. For starters, you will save money by staying in Saudi Arabia. First of all, housing and aeroplane tickets are unbelievably cheap.

You will also find some of the natural wonders that will amaze you. From the desert to the coral reefs to the dunes, there is an array of events such as camping, hiking and sport sand dunes that would make anyone quite busy.

Saudi Arabia Travel Guide

There are three major steps to prepare a successful trip to Saudi Arabia: first, to understand yourself what exactly you want to see – for this, read travel guides, and destination description. Second, referring to the travel professional who will help in designing your trip the most effective way. And lastly, getting your valid visa to Saudi Arabia, however, this is the most important step to plan your successful visit to the Kingdom. If you don't have a Saudi Arabia visa then you can apply for it here

Saudi Arabia is a country that is quite closed, but the tourism potential is based on the unique properties of the desert, a fantastic mix of ancient tradition and modern economy, as well as various places of worship of the Islamic world. Islamic way of life is the reason for more than 94% of foreign visitors to come to the country.

Modern city Riyadh is approximately translated as 'garden'. This city is based on the location of the first town captured by Ibn Saud. In addition to the castle and several traditional palaces across the square deer, not much is left from the old part of town. The tourists will only find fragments of typical winding streets and traditional houses with facades facing the courtyard, a fortified palace and bazaar.

Al-Bata is the best-known district of Riyadh, which contains almost all of the city's historic buildings, a bus station and the post office, which is surrounded by a variety of coffee shops and cafes. Old Riyadh castle is a fortress built around Masmak in 1865. The fortress has preserved a carefully restored hotel with an open courtyard, carved walls and three columns that support the wooden roof.

The fortress itself was turned into a large museum devoted to Abdul Aziz and his role in the establishment of the kingdom. One is a city landmark Kingdom Center, the tallest building in Saudi Arabia. Belongs to the Saudi prince and built in a rather unusual project, it includes apartments, offices, Four Seasons hotel, three-level shopping centre and first-class international restaurants. 

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