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4 Popular Carpet Cleaning Methods Chosen By Professionals

Needless to say, a rug is a great floor that most homeowners choose. Not that they enhance the aesthetics of your room, but at the same time keep the floor warm and soft at all times. A clean carpet catches your guests' attention when they visit your premises.

Carpets cannot be cleaned regularly because they are quite heavy. To do this, however, we need to hire skilled workers at least once a month. You can get residential cleaning services online.

However, if you have enough time and tools to clean the carpet, you can do it yourself. On the other hand, hiring professionals for this cleaning purpose has many advantages.

Hot water extraction

Hot water extraction is known as steam cleaning. In this process, the carpet fibers mix with boiling hot water and the dirt on the carpet dissolves.

This method involves applying a detergent base to the spilled surface and stirring the carpet by rinsing it. First, a salt expert visits your premises and examines the carpet in detail.

Shampoo for carpets

This method has been very popular with cleaning companies since 1970. If you haven't rented cleaning supplies in a while, or if you think your carpet is clean enough, this is the best way to clean your carpet.


This method uses synthetic detergent to remove dirt from your carpets. Dirty particles in the packed fibers after the foam dries. And after a few hours, the foam is removed with a brush. Since no water is required for cleaning, the drying time is also shorter than when extracting hot water.

Dry the carpet

Dry carpet cleaning is one of the newest cleaning technologies which has proven to be one of the most effective methods. Carpet cleaning companies in Dallas have been using this method since the 1980s.

Home Siding Cost Varies Greatly by Siding Type

We all know that the installation of home siding is not just huge but also a complicated decision to make. We have various options of sidings that we can install at our places such as vinyl siding, cedar siding, aluminum and stucco.

If you are thinking of installing the ‘external house siding’ (also known as “revtement extrieur de maison”) then you need to consider these things:- color, style and material.

2020 Vinyl Siding Costs - Installation - Price Guide - Modernize

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You need to decide which color siding will go the best with the interior and exterior of your place. You also have to choose from styles that siding are available in. Last but not least you to consider the material. You have to choose the material of the siding according to the weather and locating that you are living in. 

For example, if you decide to install wood siding at your place then you have to consider if you want to have natural wood color siding or you want to get them colored. You can get wood siding colored with any bright vibrant color that will have a neutral base.

You can also choose cedar siding. It has a vintage and traditional feel and looks. If you install this siding then you don’t have to worry about reinstallation of siding for about 30 years or more. You just need to keep it maintained by repainting them so that water will be away from it.

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