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top 10 dancers in India

Forms Of Dance In India

Indian dances have the ability to invoke Ananda or joy as well as the hearts of the dancer and the spectators. They are performed in celebrations, cultural events, celebrations, festivals and other ceremonies to bring joy, excitement and vibrancy.

Bollywood Dance: The most recent dance moves performed by some of the best actors from the Indian cinema business are taught to all aspiring dancers. They also have the chance to devise new dances that can be rewarded with appreciation when staged for performances.Our new era youth is performing all these new forms of dance and making history like Rajendra Kadam – A Modern Dance Pioneer of Chuzi .    

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 Bharatanatyam: Students can study the distinct design and the essence of Bharatanatyam dance, which is performed to the beat of Carnatic music playing in the background. Female and male dancers are taught to rhythmically move in a coordinated manner. Through this dance form one can understand the importance of mixing dance forms like bhava, raga and Tala.

Odissi: Odissi dance classes help students combine graceful movements and hand gestures using stunning expressions. The learning process involves the repetition of intricate and simple postures that are emblematic of the sculptural legacy that is found within the Sun Temple of Konarak.

 Kathak: When you effortlessly blend Katha (story), Abhinaya (action) and Updesha (moral) you will be able to feel the passion in Kathak. Dancers will be taught the art of presenting various poses using appropriate postures and movements, while performing with speed and agility in their working.

These are some of the most famous styles in India people love to do and Bollywood is promoting.

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