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How to Hire a Tile Contractor in Perth

Anyone can call themselves a tiler if they have a pair of kneepads and a tub full of grout. This makes it difficult to hire a contractor. Here are the facts you need to consider while hiring a tiler in Perth.

Get Referrals

Get referrals from people you trust. That would be, first, your building or remodeling contractor, your designer, even your tile or stone supplier. Another source is friends or family. But make sure your project is of a similar scope to what they had done. You can search for a qualified tiler in Perth through 



Ask prospective tile contractors to show you examples of similar work to yours and provide references. After meeting your potential tiler, don't forget to determine the following factors:

  • Was the contractor open and communicative There are always things that can go wrong. Orders can be delayed and schedules can change. Did the contractor communicate about changes to the original contract and was he/she upfront?
  • Did the contractor act and look like a professional? This means being on time and tidying up after each day.
  • Would you ever hire him/her again?

Get Multiple Bids

You should always request at least two bids for the project, even if you haven't worked with the contractor before. Because there are many variables such as site conditions and material, it can be difficult to estimate how much something will cost. The best way to compare prices for your project is to get actual bids.



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