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What Is A Notary Public – The Short & The Long Of It

Notaries are certified employees who can act as reliable and impartial witnesses for the signing of important documents. Notaries can also take oaths and have other official powers depending on their jurisdiction. Notaries carry out their official responsibilities by marking papers with their signatures and embossing or unmistakable ink seals. 

Profit Of Notary:

The advantage of a notary is simple. By confirming the signatory's authenticity, notaries such as offer organizations and individuals a cost-effective way to conclude agreements and manage the business with a fair assurance that notarized papers will be acknowledged in court.

Notary Services

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Using a notary public is protected from fraud because it is the notary's responsibility to ask for a signed official document to prove his or her identity. While this is not conclusive proof of identity, it provides sensible proof of identity so that business can be conducted every day. The notary also acts as a third party with no interest for the parties who sign legally binding agreements.

Two of the most common documents that are notary witnesses relate to the sale or transfer of real estate and the granting of power of attorney. Some examples of documents that can be officially witnessed by a notary are:

  • Statement of the oath
  • Law
  • Oath
  • Official Protest

Some countries impose more obligations on notaries. For example, a notary can perform most of the duties as a lawyer except when representing others in court. In some countries, notaries must record official documents. Although not all states require official action records, many professional notaries recommend that all notaries keep records of their actions.

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