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solar panels

Build Your Own Solar Panel System

Solar energy is "green" and renewable energy and does not emit harmful carbon dioxide. This means that it is the best way to reduce the footprint of carbon. Nearly 3,000 pounds of CO2 can be saved per year by home solar panels system operating up to 30 tonnes over its lifetime. 

This clean and environmentally friendly technology will be the next organizational revolution. Solar energy reduces the cost of electricity and this is one of the most common reasons for choosing.

State and federal governments offer solar incentives that help offset the costs of the solar system. The Energy Policy Act provides two options for obtaining a solar tax credit from the federal government. Solar energy discounts are also offered by over 50% of US states.

The sun averages 164 watts of solar energy per square meter into the earth's crust. By covering one percent of solar panels at the top of the house, we could generate enough electricity to power the entire planet. This abundance of solar energy means there is more than we need. 

The energy sent by the sun is a mixture of light and heat, we can't use it directly to power cars or computers. That is why solar panels were created to convert solar energy into a form that we can use as electricity.

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