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Obtaining a Marijuana Facility License in Michigan

With recreational marijuana legal in Michigan in late 2018, there is still confusion as to where and how consumers can buy marijuana in the open market. License applications for marijuana recreational facilities, such as farms and dispensaries, will be available in December 2019.

Meanwhile, marijuana businesses can apply for a medical marijuana facility license through the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. If you are looking for licensed medical marijuana transport service in Michigan, then you must visit

Understanding categorization

Michigan medical marijuana facilities are grouped into several categories:

  • Grower Class A: Up to 500 marijuana plants
  • Grower Class B: Up to 1,000 marijuana plants
  • Grower Class C: Up to 1,500 marijuana plants
  • Processor: Can purchase cannabis and use it to make and sell impregnated products
  • Secured transporter: Can store and transport marijuana and results related to the business
  • Provisioning centers: Can sell marijuana to medical patients (pharmacy)
  • safety compliance facility: Can marijuana test products provided by a licensed procurement center

Each type of facility must comply with certain licensing requirements.

Completing the online application

The state has developed a two-step process for new marijuana facilities. Step 1, prequalification, can begin while you are still looking for a location for your business. You can complete Step 2 after you have secured the location.

Following these instructions carefully will increase the likelihood of receiving a license. A business lawyer with experience in industrial hemp can help prepare your material.

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