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recycled plastic bottle socks

Know About Recycled Plastic Bottle Socks

The money is going towards manufacturing socks! By 2050, it is figured that there will be much more plastic in the water bodies than fish. 8 billion pounds of plastic trash flows into the seas each year, and It is calculated that 100,000 marine animals pass from plastic ingestion annually.

Therefore, there is a solution. Socks are made out of 85% recycled plastic bottles and a total of 93% recycled materials. More than two bottles are in each pair. You can buy the best quality recycled plastic bottle socks through

They are amazingly comfortable! In all seriousness, every person who has been fortunate enough to get their hands on a prototype says “I did not expect them to feel this way!” Individuals say they have never worn such comfy athletic socks ever. However, the only way for you to know for sure is to support these brands along this journey and get some pairs for yourself!

Think about how cool that is. When you are at home, drinking water out of a plastic bottle, or drinking a Gatorade after working out, RECYCLE those bottles. For all you understand, the bottles that you are consuming today could be one of our socks in the future. That will be great. There is no more influential change-maker than you. These socks are very much comfortable and breathable and stand for a good cause.

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