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Depression In Men – Causes And Symptoms

From time to time everyone experiences feelings of sadness and loneliness refusing to leave our country. Men are always expected to be "strong" and not "give in easily" to emotions.

This is one reason why it is so hard for men to talk about the problems and pressures they face.

This is the main cause of DALY (Disability Adjusted Life Years). Or the main cause of the number of years lost to illness and disability is depression. Men are twice as likely to commit suicide than women.

Many factors can contribute to depression. You can also know more about depression due to workplace at

Genetics: While there is no evidence that a single gene increases the risk of depression, there are a number of cases that suggest that a family history of depression can be an early sign of depression.

Life-changing changes: Losing a loved one or emotional stress and personal life events can also lead to depression. A history of harassment, job loss, retirement, and internal conflicts can all lead to depression.

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Substance Abuse: Nearly 30% of people experience clinical signs of depression. Although substance and alcohol use and abuse can cause temporary feelings of sadness, in the long term they worsen the signs of depression and anxiety.

Causes That Can Cause Depression In Men:

• Pressure at work

• Interruptions

• Inability to achieve life goals

• Inability to manage work-life balance

• Poor health

• Lost business

• Loans or Excessive Loans

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