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Ozone Technology

How To Kill Mold With An Ozone Generator

Mold is an extremely resilient organism that thrives almost everywhere humans live. It is therefore important to eradicate it.

Mold spores are found in the air we breathe and can reproduce quickly if they are placed on surfaces with a lot of moisture. Even surfaces you believe are dry can actually contain a lot of moisture. This is because air has moisture all the time, except in extremely dry environments.

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Ozone Generators Kill Mold, Mildew, Bacteria and Odors Air Scrubber HQ

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The ozone treatment team will request that you remove any pets or people from the room in order to kill mold. This is because of how powerful ozone is at killing organisms. However, since you want to kill mold, it is important that all plants are removed from the room.

To prevent others from inhaling toxic ozone, the room will be enclosed eventually. To kill mold, the second step is to eliminate as much moisture and humidity as possible. This can even include using a humidifier. Ozone will work more efficiently in a dry environment.

To physically remove mold traces from your ceiling and walls, the team will use gloves and mold-killing solutions. To ensure that no mold growth is in the team's vicinity, gloves and other forms of physical protection such as masks or goggles are essential.

Every ozone generator should come with a timer built in so that team members know when it has been turned off. It is important that the ozone escapes from the room air before it can be inhaled. Ozone is not as toxic as fluorine or chlorine, but it can be inhaled in high concentrations.

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