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Modern Meat Mincer

List Of The Most Popular Features Of Modern Meat Mincer

A small appliance that grinds meat to make forcemeat is the meat mincer. We can also say that a meat mincer, or a kitchen appliance, is one for fine chopping or mixing raw or cooked meats, fish, vegetables, or other food. 

Many people use meat mincers from reputable European companies to make their own meat products. They can be used for grinding various ingredients and may also be used for seasonings.

Reverse Function:

Practically every modern model has a reverse function. The reverse mode allows for the screw rotation of the meat mincer in an opposite direction. A powerful engine and a sharp blade will easily cut through these areas. This problem is not solved by a less powerful model. This reduces the quality of minced meat and the performance of the meat mincer.

Meat Grinders

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Self-Sharpening Knife:

Laser processing is used to expose the cutting edge of the self-sharpening knife. The metal surface is left with notching with reflow. Next, temper the notched area. This gives the cutting edge a non-uniform hardness.

Metal wear is more intense in points than hardening because of lower hardness. The micro tooth is therefore formed under mechanical load precisely at this point. This set of micro teeth provides greater cutting efficiency and is continuously formed during operation.

Sausage Function:

A long cone is used to realize the function. The cone diameter determines the size and shape of sausages. The cone's bellows are used to collect the sausage shell.

Juicing Function:

Modern meat grinders in the upper and middle price ranges often offer the ability to jig. These models work in a similar way to conventional auger juicers and are often equipped with an additional plastic screw of conical form.

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