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mobile home metal roof

How to Repair Mobile Home Roofs

The most common problem for mobile homeowners is roof leaks. By using less expensive materials, many models (especially older ones) don't hold up to the elements well. 

Reliable metal roof experts will help you to overcome these roof leaking problems. The following steps will help you translate the process.

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1. Find the problem

Usually, you can identify a roofing problem with a dark brown stain or rust on the ceiling. The most obvious place to check for leaks is in the area just above that point. 

2. Determine the repair method

Once you've determined where the leak is coming from, it's up to you to decide what type of repair is needed. The first step before making a repair is to thoroughly clean within 12-18 inches of the leak.

Once you've cleaned the area to be repaired, it's time to apply the patch. Any of the following options should work for your fix.

Tape the Seams – One of the most effective repair methods is to use scrubs and tape. There are several different products available. But it's basically a 12-24 inch wide roll made of a foil-like surface with black tar or asphalt.

Asphalt-Based Coatings – It is extremely hard-wearing, adheres to almost any surface, and is relatively easy to apply. To strengthen the repair, you can lay a fiberglass net with asphalt. 

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