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Top 4 Feng Shui Plants to Install at Your Office Desk

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The practice of arranging objects around to attract positive energy has been referred to as Feng Shui in ancient Chinese. In addition to other objects, the Feng Shui principles also work with how you can place plants around your workspace. But before you start arranging the pots, you should know what the best feng shui plants are for your office desk. Here’s a list of the top 4 for this purpose.

  1. Rubber Plant: While the rubber plant symbolizes endurance, it is believed to attract good luck and prosperity. With its rounded leaves symbolizing wealth, the plant grows well in cool temperatures under indirect light conditions. The plant also works as an air purifier and feng shui suggests placing it in the office’s northwest corner.
  2. Jade Plant: This plant is considered a good gift for housewarming parties and new businesses. With less maintenance and care required, the plant strives well under indoor climate conditions. Other names for the plant are lucky plants and money plants.
  3. Snake Plant: A plant that brings aggressive energies, snake plant protects you from negative chi. They don’t need daily watering and are easy to care for. Besides spreading positivity, they also reduce allergens by absorbing toxins and releasing oxygen.
  4. Lucky Bamboo: A plant for fortune, prosperity, and happiness, lucky bamboo makes the space appealing with its straight, long fleshy stems. It’s another easy-to-maintain plant that needs you to cut stems once in a while to make it stay a good fit for small containers.

Even though these need low maintenance, you should contact a professional Melbourne plant hire service for everything related to installing, moving, and maintaining plants in your office.

Landscaping Your Garden on a Low Budget in Melbourne

Having a garden outside one's home can be an opportunity as well as a big problem. On the one hand, it improves the appearance of the house tremendously and provides you with a place to relax. 

However, it also represents a large expense for the long term. Landscaping a garden involves maintenance costs that can exceed the cost of installing it in the first place. You can also search the web to get more information about garden mowing in Melbourne.

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Tips and Tricks You Should Follow

Most landscaping involves the use of lawns to cover up a large space. This makes the garden very attractive and fun to be in at the same time. 

However, this can be quite expensive. You should therefore consider limiting the area that becomes lawn. 

You can choose between using sod or seeds but must remember that a large expanse of the lawn will take a lot of effort when it comes to mowing and watering.

Make sure that you buy plants that do not require a great deal of maintenance. If you have space you should consider getting a tree or two because its height is an important visual element. 

Look around for good ideas you can use and collect them so that you can make a proper plan. It is a good idea to involve the other members of your family in the design and construction. 

The pleasure that the entire family gets from the beautifully landscaped lawn will be increased because they have all put their effort into creating it from scratch.

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