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Benefits Of The Gastric Medical Balloon

If you're thinking about taking a look at an approach to losing weight the choice usually follows a series of other efforts.

The majority of patients have attempted weight loss by themselves for 3-4 years before considering medical options and making the choice to seek out help from an outside source is not always a simple one.

Patients might feel that they've failed in losing weight by themselves or are afraid of going through a major medical procedure. You can find the best medical balloon testing services via

medical balloon testing

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The procedure is not just a requirement for an active lifestyle change and diet for the patient to ensure maximum and maintain the effects following the removal of the balloon at six months. It is also a much more non-invasive alternative than the majority of alternatives.

What are the 5 benefits of the gastric medical balloon?

Non-Surgical/Non-Anatomy Altering Outpatient Endoscopic Procedure: The balloon is inserted via endoscopy and removed after six months. It doesn't alter the anatomy of the stomach.

Minor Side Effects: Most reported adverse reactions, like nausea, however, they are minor and disappear quickly.

FDA Accepted: Both the Orbera and Reshape balloons are FDA approved since the year 2015.

Professional Coaching: An extensive one-year program that includes supervision and coaching by medical experts to ensure the success of the program.

Results: The majority of patients lose up to 10 percent of their weight over the time after the balloon was placed.

Medical Grade Balloon Testing

Polyurethane has a wide range of applications and markets. It is flexible, adaptable, and customizable. Polyurethane is the only material that can be used for structural components in medical balloon testing.

It's strong and affordable, and it's also used in many defense applications. This is also true for healthcare and pharmaceutical where medical-grade polyurethane can be used in a variety of applications.

medical balloon testing

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Because of its remarkable biocompatibility, medical-grade polyurethane balloons can interact with living tissue and fluids without triggering an immunological or toxic reaction. Polyurethane Balloon is used in many medical devices such as indwelling catheters Balloon and general-purpose tubing.

Two Factors that Make a Medical Grade Polyurethane Formulation a Success

Validation of Material & Equipment

Medical-grade polyurethane must perform in the healthcare sector. There is no room to make mistakes and products must pass strict testing requirements before they can be used in healthcare settings. A polyurethane lab is recommended to validate the polyurethane blend and the equipment used in its manufacture.

In-depth testing results are shared with you to identify areas for improvement. All testing is done in an ISO 9001 certified facility.

Identification of Ideal-State Equipment

Many pieces of equipment work together to produce medical-grade polyurethane components and devices. Each piece of equipment plays a meaningful, performance-impacting role in material output. 

Although you may have some of these systems in your production environment, it is worth considering the potential synergy created by combining them.

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