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Inground Basketball Hoop

How to Install an Inground Basketball Hoop

If you're considering installing a basketball hoop in your place of business or at home, think about an inground setup. Because of its long-lasting nature, an inground basketball hoop can last for years of enjoyment with little or no maintenance. You can visit to installing in-ground basketball hoops.

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Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Draw a line on a flat space for your court. Then, decide where your hoop will be.
  2. Since you'll have to dig at least two feet deep, call utilities to ensure there aren't any pipes or wires in the area you're planning to put your inground basketball hoops in.
  3. Make a hole 2 feet in diameter and an average depth of 2 feet. While a circular hole is more straightforward to construct, you should consider digging a square-shaped hole. A square hole will make your backyard and basketball hoop the appearance of a professional.
  4. Mix around 850 pounds of concrete. Fill the hole until it is full. The concrete should be tamped down to open-air pockets.
  5. Draw a line between 15 and 18 inches away from the top of the basketball pole.
  6. With at least two people and a level, put the pole in the concrete to the mark you've drawn and ensured it's in a straight line.
  7. Add more concrete to the pole. When you've allowed your concrete for it to settle, check again that the pole is straight.
  8. Give the concrete between 48-72 hours to settle completely.
  9. Assemble your basketball setup by attaching the backboard, rim, and net in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer.


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