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in-ground trampolines

Garden Inground Trampolines – Reduce the Risk of Injury

Trampolining is a highly skilled Olympic sport where participants execute a routine that consists of skills that reflect their greatest performance. There are more than 60 actions that can be done on a trampoline for competition and the difficulty level varies greatly. However, many competition or club exercises are best not be attempted on a backyard trampoline.

Garden inground trampolines are an ideal opportunity to get kids out of to exercise and get them moving. In recent years, inground trampolines in the garden have become a must-have toy. You can buy high-quality inground trampolines via

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It is recommended to purchase a trampoline for the garden from a trustworthy trampoline store that has trampolines that are compliant with the safety requirements. It is also recommended to attend inground trampoline lessons when you own an outdoor trampoline.

The vertical jump is performed with the body straight and arms raised over the head to allow for a takeoff. It is also known as a Tuck the jump When the knees have been lowered towards the chest. The hands are required to briefly hold your legs with the ankle and knee prior to returning back onto the trampoline mattress.

Front drop landing in a horizontal position on the trampoline facing down with the hands placed slightly in front of your face. The legs must be bent slightly but maintain the body in a tight position. Land on the inground trampoline bed at the back. The legs should be bent 90 degrees to the hip, keeping the leg straight.


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