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Hemorrhoid Treatment

What are Hemorrhoids and how do you Treat These?

The term hemorrhoids refer to an issue where the veins surrounding the anus or inside your lower rectum get enlarged or inflamed. The cause of hemorrhoids is trying to move stool during pregnancy, age, or constipation chronically. 

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Hemorrhoids - Diagnosis and treatment - Mayo Clinic

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Hemorrhoids may occur within the anus which can be inside as well as on the skin surrounding the anus, which is external. Many problems that may be caused by the rectal area can be misdiagnosed as hemorrhoids. This includes itching, irritation as well as abscesses and fissures. 

Most hemorrhoids cases aren't a risk to your health and aren't a danger in the event that they are not treated. The majority of hemorrhoid symptoms disappear within a couple of days. It all depends on the reason, but this is typically the scenario.

Many people who are in their later lives will suffer from hemorrhoids. However, not all exhibit the common symptoms. The most frequent symptoms of internal hemorrhoids include bloody stool, and blood on the toilet paper or inside your toilet. 

In certain instances, hemorrhoids can stick to the anus and out of the body, and become irritated and extremely painful. The term used to describe the condition is protruding hemorrhoid.

External hemorrhoid symptoms may include swelling, hard lumps that were blood in the form of clots, as well as tender areas surrounding the anus. Rubbing, or excessively touching the anus can result in bleeding, and create a sequence of symptoms.

The treatment aims at reducing symptoms and preventing events later on. The most common treatments include taking baths regularly in warm water, apply of creams to the area affected, and occasionally medication is prescribed.

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