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h2s removal from natural gas

How To Remove H2S and CO2 from Biogas?

Biogas is a great renewable energy source that can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, biogas can also contain high levels of H2S and CO2.

Here are some tips for co2 and h2s removal from biogas:

1. Preheat the biogasifier before adding the biogas feedstock. This will help to break down the gas molecules and increase their removal efficiency.

2. Use an adsorption reactor to remove H2S and CO2 from the biogas. This reactor uses a chemical agent to bind with the gas molecules and remove them from the biogas stream.

3. Use a scrubber to remove particulate matter and other impurities from the biogas stream. This will help to improve its quality and reduce its level of H2S and CO2. 

4. Use a post-treatment process to remove H2S and CO2 from the biogas after it has been captured in the adsorption or scrubber processes.

This is one area where advanced bio gasification systems can greatly improve the quality of your landfill gas. For example, you can use an onboard system to provide real time feedback about each of these parameters so that you can make sure they stay within acceptable limits. Another benefit is the ability to collect and store more biogas while not reducing landfill depth or volume. Save money with this system and use less natural gas, which helps to protect the environment.

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