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gas mask

Impact of Gas Masks on Work of Breathing Patterns

The gas mask is used to protect military and non-military personnel exposed to respiratory hazards (chemical, biologic, radiologic, and nuclear agents). The objective was to evaluate the impact of the gas mask on indexes of respiratory effort and breathing patterns in a human model because no data exist. We will discover more here in detail about gas masks and their impact on breathing patterns.

The design of the study was a crossover evaluation with four 10-min conditions in a randomized order: with and without wearing the gas mask when at rest and when exerting a standardized effort. During the studied conditions, 14 healthy subjects were evaluated for breathing patterns, indexes of respiratory effort and capillary blood gases.

The indexes of respiratory effort significantly increased when subjects wore the gas mask under the tested conditions. The act of breathing was significantly augmented with the mask. The other indexes of efforts were all significantly increased, from 30 to 60%, with a gas mask in comparison with at baseline without a gas mask. 

This study showed a substantial increase in the indexes of respiratory effort both at rest and during exercise with a gas mask. Our measurements and findings may be referred in future research and development studies in this field.


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