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Fear Of Flying? Pros And Practical Strategies

Have you ever thought about how much your fear of flying might be affecting your life? It might not be something that you would notice because the act of taking a flight is so normal, and people have been doing it for decades. But there are some reasons why getting on a plane should make you feel more at ease and less scared – Exploring this site will clarify all your doubts regarding aerophobia.

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What Causes Fear Of Flying?

-Having experienced turbulence during a flight

-Having experienced an air disaster

-Being a passenger on a flight that was delayed or canceled

-Having witnessed an air traffic accident

-Having been on the receiving end of verbal or physical harassment by another passenger on a flight

-Being claustrophobic

Ways to Overcome Fear of Flying

Fear of flying can be a real barrier to enjoying a trip, but there are ways to overcome it. Here are some pros, and practical strategies for overcoming your fear of flying.

– Practice deep breathing exercises. Controlled breathing helps to control anxiety and relax the body. 

– Visualize positive images. When you're feeling anxious, focusing on happy thoughts can help to reduce the intensity of your anxiety. Think about your favorite vacation spot or a picture of your family that makes you feel good. 

– Listen to soothing music. Whether it's classical or contemporary, instrumental or vocal, listening to calming music before boarding can help reduce stress levels and ease anxiety.

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