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What is the short foot exercise?


There are lots of exercises which are included in the treatment of foot problems. The goal of these exercises are usually to strengthen and stretch muscles as well as mobilise the joints. These are among the many tools which foot specialists use to manage a wide range of foot problems. One exercise that has been getting a lot of recent interest is one known as the short foot exercise. This exercise is carried out weight bearing and the muscles in the arch of the foot are contracted in order to shorten the foot. This is stated to strengthen the arch of the foot. If you believe some of the over stated claims online about this exercise, it can heal just about everything which may go wrong with the foot, which is certainly far from the truth.

The major problem with this exercise is the blind faith and firm belief that so many have that it will fix so many of the problems that will go wrong with the foot, when there is actually not any scientific data that it's a good choice for any foot problems. Just stating that something is beneficial and wishing that is it does not allow it to be so. That's the logical fallacy of wishful thinking. For that short foot exercise to work it will require time to improve the strength. A lot of conditions improve with time, so there is no way of knowing if people improved solely because of the natural history or for the reason that the short foot exercise does actually help. That doesn't suggest that there is something wrong with the exercise and that it shouldn't be used. It may well be that the exercise is a very helpful and helpful one. It just means that the research studies have not been carried out and excessive trust shouldn't be put in any intervention which lacks scientific research to support its use. Of course keep using the short foot exercise, however apply it in the understanding of these issues which are well known about this.


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