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echelon vs peloton

The Echelon Bike Is Way Cheaper Than Peloton Indoor Cycling Bikes

The Echelon Connect Sport indoor cycling bike from Walmart has plenty of benefits and comes at a very low price compared to Peloton. If you got close to buying a Peloton, you really dodged a bullet by not spending over $2,000 on a stationary indoor cycling bike, especially considering the Echelon Connect Sport only cost $500. According to the Echelon bike review from TailHappyTV the Echelon Connect Sport literally cost 25% of the price of a Peloton bike. It's kind of sad that the brand of indoor cycling bike you have is more of a social status symbol then a functioning piece of exercise equipment. As I sit here and write this article on my computer I can look into the apartment Windows of neighboring units and see there Peloton bike sitting in the corner and being used as a laundry drying rack. If you were going to buy a Peloton bike it might make sense to you at least purchase a cheaper model like the Echelon bike to see if you'll actually use it or not.

Since the Echelon Connect Sport comes with a generous return policy you can try it out for 3 months and then if you decide you still want to upgrade to the Peloton you could just returned your Echelon bike and upgrade appropriately. If you are ready to pull the trigger on a purchasing an indoor cycling bike but you just don't have enough details about the Echelon Connect Sport you can watch the review from TailHappyTV and learn if this is the bike for you or not.

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