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copper drinking cups

The Advent of the Copper Mug

Copper is a very effective conductor of heat and cold, making it ideal for cold drinks and cocktails. The copper cup keeps the contents cool because the copper material instantly adjusts to the temperature of the drink.

The copper cup is relatively thin and light but still works actively to keep the drink as cold as possible. This is especially useful during the hot summer months or during outdoor gatherings. If you want to buy copper drinking cups online, visit websites like copperdirect.

The copper mug has a hand-hammered and seductive look, which makes it great value for money. A 16-ounce copper cup is an ideal size for storing large quantities of drinks without spilling, and the smooth lip edges make it easy to drink in any situation.

These cups are ideal for any cocktail that needs to be refrigerated, as well as beverages such as iced coffee and tea. The 100% copper composition allows the cup to freeze instantly and provides your drink with a fast and efficient cooling that will last as long as your drink.

Copper cups offer an added benefit: they look great. The earthy and lively color of the copper mug makes for an elegant yet organic look and is sure to always attract a lot of attention. If you have a home bar or even if you don't, some copper mugs offer a unique aesthetic that you can't find with anything else. They are a great conversation piece, and perfect for entertaining guests in style.

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