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Contact Management

Selecting Contact Management Software For Customer Relationship

If managing your practice or billing system does not have the robust capabilities of customer relationship management, you should consider buying such a system. 

It can also be used for keeping records of suppliers that you treat as well as health care providers and related information. You can click here to get contact management software. 

· Integrate records contact your word processing system so that letters can be addressed automatically based on the address information stored for the contact;

· Fax and email directly from the system;

· Interface or connect this system with a practice management / billing system. An example of such an interface is the ability to click on a button next to a contact being viewed and automatically pull patient treatment information;

· Capture and contact information seamlessly record entered on a Web page;

· Add custom fields in the contact record so that the system can be configured specifically for your practice;

· Schedule appointments directly from the contact;

· Automatically Send email to a contact about an appointment to come;

· Contacts automatically import supplied from an external source, such as a list broker;

· Customize easily screens;

· Produce a standard set of contact and activity reports;

· Provide the ability to automatically dial a contact from their record. 

When CRM software review, ideally, you should buy a practice management and billing system that has integrated CRM functionality. 

This more integrated approach will enable the capabilities of the CRM system to be easy to use and CRM will probably cost less if it is just one component of a chiropractic practice management and billing system.

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