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How Michigan Company Has Revolutionized Secure Marijuana Transport

Marijuana is used for medical treatment for many diseases. There are many companies such as Evergreen Logistics that offer medical marijuana transportation services. Likewise, the traditional courier services. Because moving even just a pound of marijuana from point A to point B can be a financial risk and a great professional.

Marijuana companies must figure out their own transport logistics. They need a company that truly understands the requirements of the state distribution license – one who understands the very serious consequences of a legal product that ends up in the illegal market.

With legalized medical marijuana in Michigan – and the legalization of recreational marijuana on the ballot – growth is expected to continue.

But one of the companies has made a name for himself. They have a spacious building with a protocol that is unique to them and provide safe transportation professionals under strict compliance and regulations are monitored by LARA and the state council.

There are many companies that actually developed a system of proprietary software that tracks and monitors transit shipments at any point in the supply chain from farmers, processors, tester, and for the end consumer, the supply center. And all the drivers are equipped and trained to operate the system, which provides a level of visibility as anything in the safe transport of medical marijuana.


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