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HIFU Cost & Treatment For Prostate Cancer

HIFU, short for high-intensity focused ultrasound, is a brand new, upgraded technology offering an acoustic ablation technique utilizing the special power of an ultrasound to eliminate prostate cancer tissue with nail accuracy. 

Through focused sound waves toward a targeted area, high intensity focused ultrasound immediately raised the temperatures in that area causing the comprehensive breakdown of tissue. Due to the accuracy and control of HIFU, the chance of common side effects associated with other prostate cancer treatments would be reduced. 


These risks involve incontinence and impotence problems. The HIFU process often takes approximately 2 to three hours and may be done in one procedure. It is usually considered an out-patient procedure that utilizes epidural or spinal operation. 

HIFU is marked off as non-ionizing, there's not any radiation significance that the HIFU treatment could be utilized a range of times when mandatory also there will not be any harm done to fit tissue. 

Because of this, in certain instances, HIFU is employed as a substitute technique if a number of different treatments for prostate cancer don't work. HIFU works similarly to that which occurs when somebody focuses sunlight through the magnifying lens. 

After the procedure has ended, patients usually need about a couple of hours to recoup after which are discharged. There is minimal healing and men find they are able to go back with their own daily life within a few days.

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