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best birthday places for girls

Fun Inexpensive Party Entertainment In Vaughan

  • Bubbles. Kids are nuts for bubbles and you can even make your own mixture and buy the bubble blowers in bulk via eBay.
  • Eating donuts or cheeses off a string or apple bobbing in a bucket, without using their hands is a cheap and cheerful game. You can even choose best birthday places for girls by hiring event planners from various online sites.

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  • Have a cupcake decorating station, which can then become the party favor.

  • Host a tea party for a small group of friends.

  • Water bombs and red/blue teams in a park can be a lot of fun, especially for active kids. (Make sure parents know to bring a change of clothes)

  • DIY Pinata – Google is your friend, there is literally no limit to the themes of pinatas and there is definitely no need to buy one. The difficulty level is basic, it’s more about time and patience than technical ability.

  • DIY Wizard hats and wands for a Harry Potter Themed Birthday Party is an expensive and fun party game idea.

  • Have a nerf party. You can buy small nerf guns and foam bullets online. (always let other parents know this in advance as some parents do not allow their kids to play with nerf guns)

  • Hire a jumping castle or a blow-up water slide. It keeps the kids occupied the whole time and you don’t have to worry about too many games. The price can be as low as $150 and removes the need to hire or do anything else for entertainment.

  • Combine party games with party favors. Have a treasure hunt and everything the kids find, they put in their own lolly bags. This will save you time too.

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