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Bed Bug Symptoms

Finding the Symptoms of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a common problem that many people don't know about. This is understandable, as bed bugs and other pests were exterminated in the United States by the widespread use of DDT after World War I.

These bugs' symptoms are resurfacing due to international travel and increased immigration. These symptoms are usually not noticed until the person complains of itching or has oval-shaped bite marks.

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Signs of Bed Bugs: Possible Bed Bug Infestation Signs

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If a household has bed bugs symptoms they won't inspect their beds, mattresses, or couch upholstery. To kill mosquitoes and cockroaches, members of the household can use a gel-type insect spray. This insect spray doesn't kill bed bugs so furniture and upholstery are still infested.

Signs of bed bugs:

How can I tell if my house is infested?

An infested house would emit a musty, offensive scent. The bed bugs release this odor through their scent glands.

You should also look for fecal or excreta stains, egg cases, and shed skins from bed bug nymphs. These can be found in cracks, crevices, or around the bed. You should also inspect the furniture near your bed. 

These reddish-brown excrement spots should be checked on bedroom wallpapers, bedsprings, as well as clothing stored in the dresser.

These stains should be checked on your living room couch, especially if bed bugs symptoms like swollen bites or swelling occur after you have sat down on your couch. Bed bugs must be checked in every room of your home where someone spends more than 30 minutes.

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