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aquarium water pumps

Aquarium Water Pumps – Essential To Aquatic Plant Success

Water circulation is important in any aquarium to ensure proper filtering, prevent the formation of anoxic or low-temperature areas, and add nutrients to still organisms. The powerhead and aerator often ensure adequate blood flow in the main aquarium.

However, in a planted aquarium, the water level must be kept undisturbed to prevent the loss of valuable carbon dioxide, and such devices should not be used. You can also search online to buy Vectra S2 DC aquarium water pump (Mobius ready).

The water pump ensures the necessary circulation both in the tank and through the filter system without unnecessary gas exchange. In a normally planted aquarium, water flows passively to the submersible pump, where it is then pushed through the filter and returned to the tank via an outlet below the surface of the water.

The function of the water pump in a planted aquarium is the same as that of the heart in the human body: it pumps water, not blood, through the filter, not the kidneys and liver. This analogy underlines the importance of a water pump in maintaining the health of a planted aquarium.

Unsurprisingly, there is a wide variety of aquarium water pumps to choose from to suit a wide variety of tank types and budgets (check out our selection on Julie's Marketplace Market). While this is not the most exciting part of a planted aquarium, choosing a water pump is one of the most important tasks to ensure a successful experience.

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