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abscessed tooth treatment

What You Need To Know About A Tooth Abscess

An abscess occurs when a particular tooth suffers from a lot of decay, resulting in an infection spreading to the pulp chamber. The pulp chamber refers to the interior part of the tooth.

There are several ways that a tooth can acquire abscess. Slow decaying over time, sudden forceful injury to the mouth, or constant clenching and grinding of teeth can all damage the tooth and leave the origin open to infection. You can also hop over to this site to get more information about abscessed tooth treatment.

abscessed tooth treatment

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Diagnosing and Fixing an Abscess

Those who go for regular check-ups will typically get diagnosed quicker. Tests are then conducted to ascertain whether there is an abscess or not.

X-rays are often taken to validate the diagnosis. Once that gets done, the region has to be cleared from the disease. Infection is cleared by draining the tooth and the surrounding regions.

Oral antibiotics are also prescribed to get rid of the disease. After this is done, the dentist does a root canal so that the whole tooth gets cleaned out after which the open area is sealed with a rubberized metal so it is protected from any further infections.

Whether an abscessed tooth isn't treated in time, it may get dangerous. The infection can spread beyond the area and affect the jaw and the bone. That is the reason it's necessary to find the signs early and have them assessed as soon as possible.

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