School Education: Choosing Between Private and Public Options

Children are the future of the nation and giving them access to quality education is pivotal towards shaping this future. From time immemorial, the idea of learning has always existed.

In fact, great leaders have even gone to the extent of saying that life is a school and that learning never ceases.

But, when it comes to teaching your child, school education is an important decision. However, with so many options to choose from, you need to be sure about choosing the right school for your child. You can also look for middle year school in Amsterdam.

What are public schools?

As we have already told you that education is the basic right of every child. Given this situation, the government introduced public schools.

The core purpose of these schools is that education becomes accessible at an affordable price. However, education in public schools is not entirely free because, at the end of the day, parents are funding such schools through the taxes that they pay to the government. Such schools are run by NGOs, churches, and similar institutions.


  1. Education is at a nominal price
  2. Easy admission
  3. Constantly updated curriculum
  4. Access to all the other basic facilities like sports, drama, etc.
  5. More choices in terms of the curriculum being offered
  6. Low student to teacher ratio so your child is bound to get better attention
  7. A better learning environment