Safer and Longer Baby Sleep With Sleep Sack

May is the month for better sleep and while it's usually assumed to be for grown up only, don't forget the little ones! Sleep habits and routines are internalized from a young age, so it's important to make sure you're teaching quality sleep habits from birth. You can browse baby sleep training App or download now – Baby Sleep Magic for sleep advice.

One of the most effective ways to make sure your baby sleeps at night is to put him in a baby merino sleeping bag. Sheets, blankets and blankets can be lifted over the baby's face while sleeping, but a baby sleeping bag is a safer alternative because it removes all of this and is worn directly over the bed. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommended the use of sleeping bags after the study, and some reports conclude that up to 25% of SIDS deaths occur in infants found with their heads covered.

It has a defined neckline that moves with your baby, ensuring the fabric stays away from the baby's face and mouth area, allowing your baby to sleep better and safer. The best merino baby sleeping bags also have safety pins under each sleeve seam to prevent baby from slipping into the sleeping bag while sleeping.

For a better month of sleep, the baby sleeping bag is essential for you and your little one. You can make sure that your baby is not too hot, too cold, or his head is covered when you dress your baby. Because sleep should be not only better, but also safer for our little one.