Protect Your Home With This Termite Service

Nuisance insects that eat wood, termites can quickly destroy the frame of your home. Some areas have such serious termite problems that termite inspection is a routine requirement in home sales contracts. One thing is certain: if left untreated, termites can cause devastating damage.  You can discover more information about termite service through

Protect Your Home With This Termite Service

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If you are a homeowner, it is important to prioritize termites. The good news is termite management is easy. This article describes how to protect your home from termites with a termite, termite barrier, or bait station.


Liquid chemicals are sprayed on the soil around the house to poison the termites. Thermicides are one of the most common types of termite services. Often termites do not live in the home forest. They went out to eat and then returned home.

Termite barrier

Termite barriers in the soil poison the termites that reach your tree. Termite service companies can install termite barriers under the aisles or in and around the base of the house during the construction process, and place termite barriers on existing floors of the house.

Bait station

For a smaller version of the termite barrier, a termite service company will place bait stations right around your home. These tiny poison boxes can help you clean your house from termites as they will attract and poison them.

Termite companies will replace them with new bait stations as they start to lose efficiency. Bait stations are becoming increasingly popular for fighting termites. The key is to locate the bait station in the most efficient location. So it is best to contact an installation and installation specialist.