Physical Therapy For Back Pain: Realign Your Spine

Many people spend their day sitting at their computers, browsing the internet, or working on their laptops. Some people lift weights and engage in intense training. What are they all doing in common? Back pain is the answer. A sore neck and stiff spines can make it difficult to relax after the day is done. To ease the pain, you can get physical therapy for your back pain.

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These simple exercises will help relieve tension and make you feel more relaxed.

  • Trunk rotation: Your trunk can also be called your torso. This will allow you to relax your side muscles and give you some mobility. Lay flat on your back, bend your knees, and place your arms flat on the ground. Keep your hips straight and bend your knees so that your right knee touches the ground. For a count of ten, rotate your knees to your left side. Repeat.

  • Cat Camel Stretch: this sounds a little strange, but it will help relieve any back pains. Now, you will need to lower your body on your knees and hands. Your back should be straight up. For fifteen seconds, hold the position and then slowly lower your back to the floor.

To ease back pain, you can also try hot soaks or have a friend give you a massage. You will be able to keep your spine strong and healthy by using physical therapy for your back pain.