How to Unscramble Anagrams – Some Key Tips

Word scrambles and anagrams are great brain teasers that anyone can enjoy. It becomes more difficult to decipher the meaning of the scrambled words as the word gets longer. You can also use scrabble word cheat to find amazing words for your game.

This article contains tips and tricks that will help you solve anagram problems more quickly.

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An anagram is made by scrambling letters together so that key sounds are not obscured. The word "LAUNDRY" is an example of this. It has the prominent "AU" sound at the middle of it, which makes the rest of the anagram easy to solve. 

An important step in solving anagrams involves breaking down the word into common prefixes, suffixes, and letter combinations.

Common prefixes are letter combinations that start a word, such as "RE", 'UN", 'DE", 'IN", AB", AB", & "EX". These letters can be separated from the rest to create a smaller word that you can unscramble. 

You can also pick suffixes (word ends) such as "ING", ISM", E", ER", RY, "OUS", etc. You have a better chance of understanding the smaller word if you write the word out and then separate the common prefixes from the suffixes. 

For their more difficult puzzles, a clever anagram maker will avoid words that have these kinds of patterns. You can see the different types of words that an anagram creator uses over time.

Another option is to eliminate letters that are unlikely. Are you still using the grammar rules of school like "I before E, but not after C?"? Good results can be achieved by eliminating unlikely combinations. Letters that are rarely, if ever, found next to each other in a word will not be eliminated.