Delicious Seasonal Recipes With Black Truffle Salt

Black truffle is simply the black fruiting body of an underground ascomyctus fungus, primarily one of the species of the genus Truffles. In addition to Tuber, other fungi are also classed as black truffles such as Geopora, Peziza, Choiromyces and more than a hundred others worldwide. This species of fungi is not native to France but was brought to France from Germany where it flourishes. The fungus is said to have been brought to France in the nineteenth century by a voyage of German submarines which ended up in North America and the Caribbean Sea.

A number of years ago, before they got to know more about this exotic fungus, people thought that black truffle sea salt was created solely for connoisseurs of fine wines. But today, many connoisseurs of all kinds of food and drinks use black truffle salt on a regular basis. And not just those who are into eating and drinking but those who enjoy making different flavored breads and pastas and salts also. For them, there is no flavor better than the distinctive and unmistakable taste of black truffle salt.

This salty herb has a very powerful yet subtle flavor that captivates all palates. It has a fresh and earthy flavor that is somehow reminiscent of coffee or black tea. What is it that gives this seasoning such a distinct flavor? Several speculations have been made but the prevailing view is that it is because of the high levels of magnesium chloride that have been dissolved in the black sea salt.

The magnesium chloride present in the black truffle salt seems to give it a musty and stale flavor that some find unpleasant and others like. But the more important fact that everybody has found this salt delicious is that it has a lot of health benefits. In fact, black truffle salt is one of those healthy snacks that can actually improve your health. Below are some of its healthy benefits:

* Increases blood circulation

* Increases metabolism

* Improves eyesight

* Increases energy level

* Boosts immunity

* Enhances mental clarity

* Provides relief from stress

* Boosts concentration

When you look at the nutritional facts on the back of an authentic salt, you will see that this type of salt is made using sea salt. It is high in sodium and magnesium which are essential for a healthy diet. The exact benefits of eating black truffle salt depend on the preparation of the dish you are going to prepare. Normally, foods prepared with this salt taste best when served warm or right after being oven baked. Although the taste of black truffle salt varies from one taste to another, most people seem to agree that it is very tasty and satisfying when eaten while melting in the pan.

Black truffle salt is commonly used as a seasoning for salads, vegetable dishes and any other types of salty dishes. But it can also be used in making a savory and delicious smoked fish. Most people say that black truffle salt can be used instead of smoked salmon in fish recipes. As you try various recipes with this salt, you will notice that the salt gives the finishing touch and makes every dish more appealing. Some people even add it to their sausages, potato dishes and bread recipes to make them more savory.

In order to get the best out of black truffle salt, it is recommended that you keep salt on hand so that you can include it in your cooking. This will help you experiment with different recipes until you get to the ones that give you the most satisfying taste. For example, this type of salt is an ideal choice for chicken recipes, but you have to remember that too much sodium can cause fatigue and illness. Too little however can also cause you to feel hungry and crave for something sweet, which explains why some people also choose to eat salty foods to get a pick-me-up.

Another recipe that calls for black truffle salt is the famous black truffle soup. This is made by simmering chicken pieces in a blend of stock, chicken fat, wine and sage. After simmering the mixture, you can add it to your crock pot or sauce pan and cook at medium heat. Just make sure that you use liquid smoke instead of regular smoke since this mixture can burn if it comes into direct contact with metal objects like pots. It's best to make this soup the night before and refrigerate it until the next day to prevent overcooking.