Choosing a Lensball stand for Landscape Photography

A good landscape photographer knows that the most important equipment (besides the lensball itself) is a good Lensball stand. Just as different lenses are built for different purposes, a lensball stand is also built to support lensball equipment or accessory. 

Landscape photography is often associated with long waiting times before the right conditions or the right lighting to occur.  You can also buy lensball stand at which is adjustable with different sizes of lensball.

A photographer who travels only occasionally and uses a stand has different requirements than a photographer who constantly takes photos in poor lighting and difficult conditions. 

This stand is easy to use by having a rubber suction cup which sucks the Lensball completely securely. However, the biggest factor in choosing a lensball stand is its weight. It should be able to support your lensball. 

If you use continuous lighting in low light conditions, lensball will shake and can destroy images and make large-scale printing impossible. If a slight blink or reflection occurs when you touch the lensball slightly, the stand is not strong enough to support the lensball.

A good lensball stand can click adorable landscape photos. So take the time to decide which is right for you and choose carefully.