Benefits Of The Gastric Medical Balloon

If you're thinking about taking a look at an approach to losing weight the choice usually follows a series of other efforts.

The majority of patients have attempted weight loss by themselves for 3-4 years before considering medical options and making the choice to seek out help from an outside source is not always a simple one.

Patients might feel that they've failed in losing weight by themselves or are afraid of going through a major medical procedure. You can find the best medical balloon testing services via

medical balloon testing

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The procedure is not just a requirement for an active lifestyle change and diet for the patient to ensure maximum and maintain the effects following the removal of the balloon at six months. It is also a much more non-invasive alternative than the majority of alternatives.

What are the 5 benefits of the gastric medical balloon?

Non-Surgical/Non-Anatomy Altering Outpatient Endoscopic Procedure: The balloon is inserted via endoscopy and removed after six months. It doesn't alter the anatomy of the stomach.

Minor Side Effects: Most reported adverse reactions, like nausea, however, they are minor and disappear quickly.

FDA Accepted: Both the Orbera and Reshape balloons are FDA approved since the year 2015.

Professional Coaching: An extensive one-year program that includes supervision and coaching by medical experts to ensure the success of the program.

Results: The majority of patients lose up to 10 percent of their weight over the time after the balloon was placed.