Barcelona Chair – Germany’s Pride

The famous Barcelona president is the result of the participation of Mies and Lilly Reich, his old colleagues and associates, a fact that has recently come to light. Reich is a respected designer and architect. She is the first woman to become a member of the Deutscher Werkbund organization, which focuses on the German design industry, its quality, development and promotion.

The designers were inspired by the old folding chair. The designers immediately praised the royal design in a modern setting. These chairs are an exception to the Bauhaus, whose goal is to make affordable furniture for working-class desks. These chairs are expensive and difficult to make in large quantities. You can look at the Barlo Archives by Keeks Design over the internet.

The chairs in Barcelona are new and modern in design. Designers cleverly use negative space to turn functional furniture into pieces of drag.

The original seats are made of chrome-plated steel. The frame is screwed. Leather ribbons were used to hang cushions covered with ivory pork skin. In 1950 the chair was redesigned in stainless steel. The seamless frame forms a flowing structure. Pork skin has been replaced by cowhide.

Knoll has the sole rights to produce the original chair. The original document was signed by the Maestro and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Chairs in Barcelona are not easy to put in your pocket, so it's only natural that imitation seats in Barcelona are widely available. The charm of this work has not waned over the years. Most cheap fake chairs are of poor quality and won't last very long. There are also a few manufacturers in Barcelona that make a seat reproduction that is just as good, if not better, than the original.