All You Need to Know About Regenerative Medicine in NJ

The medical world is now full of success stories about umbilical cords or stem cell transplants! Because of its many benefits, cord blood is known as a regenerative medicine that helps repair tissues and cells. Today, Regenerative Medicine is considered to be an important branch of medical science that will hold the key to treating irreversible diseases.

Cord blood consists of a rich source of stem cells which are useful in this treatment. There are several clinical studies that have been conducted to investigate the use of cord blood stem cells in chronic diseases and their possible treatment. If you want to get more insights into regenerative medicine then hop over to

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Recent records show that there are more than 80 diseases treated with cord blood stem cells. It has been shown to cure:

  • Cancer
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Diseases related to blood
  • Immunological diseases

Success Story

Erik Haines had been detected with Globoid Cell Leukodystrophy, which is also known as Krabbe disease at the age of 2. This followed when after the sad demise of his brother who was suffering from a similar condition. However, doctors were able to treat this condition with the usage of cord blood stem cells. Erik's situation wasn't as critical as his brother's, which made the doctors take a call on early treatment.

Though a cord blood stem cell transplant was the ideal choice for Eric, doctors weren't able to locate any acceptable donors of bone marrow. During his time cord blood cell transplants were a new medical feat and needed an exact bone marrow match. However, finally, the doctors could find a match in a bank in New York and the process was completed. 

After this Eric was admitted to the Hospital for a span of 26 days. After that, the doctors declared that he is treated well and his disease had already shown signs of healing in a remarkable way. Erik is leading a healthy and happy life today post-treatment.