All About Barbecue Smokers

Smoke travels all the way to the opposite end of the smoker, passing over the meat and then out through the smokestack, which is on the same side as the firebox.

You will need to work hard to maintain a traditional offset barbecue smoker. Many people prefer an offset smoker to one that uses charcoal, pellets, propane. If you want to buy smokers, then you can search the web.


Most offset smokers require you to check the fire every 15-30 minutes. Southern Yankees prefer charcoal or wood-burning. It can be very tiring if you smoke for a long time. One bag of charcoal will not be enough for other smokers.

The decision to purchase a smoker is usually based on the following factors:

1. The price – How much you spend on a BBQ smoker will impact your choice. The Traeger BBQ smoker is great for backyard BBQ'ers. These are also used by many BBQ teams. 

2. Insulated – An insulated BBQ smoker can be used for long, slow burns. This allows you to enjoy a good night's sleep while smoking brisket overnight. 

3. Size – Consider how much cooking space you are getting for your dollar. Although Traeger BBQ smokers are great, you'll need at least two to three if you want to be competitive with them. Traeger also offers larger models, including commercial BBQ smokers.

After you have decided on the right BBQ smoker, you must learn how to use it.